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High Jinks
August 21, 2009, 5:05 pm
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If you’ve read my bio anywhere, you’ve probably read a description somewhere along the lines of “I’m an MSI Candidate in Human-Computer Interaction (and hijinx).” Hijinx has been an “about me” staple since my earliest days of filling out my Facebook profile. Here it is in the earlier version of my webpage:


But for the attentive (ahem, anal) among you, you may have noticed that Hijinx is not a word. It’s phonetically the rough equivalent of high jinks, yet it’s spelled differently enough so when I one day went looking for the/a proper spelling of this strange and seldom used word, I couldn’t find anything.

And besides, though I always found myself among the attentive (ahem, anal) crowd when it came to things like intentional misspellings (“Krazy Glue” used to make my blood boil, even as a 10-year-old), I kind of liked the way the word Hijinx looked. I mean, that x really backloads all the fun and adventures that I was hoping to convey. It implies a saving of the good things for last.

Flash forward to now. It took about five years for me to randomly stumble across the word. And just like that, I became aware that my bio needed fixing. So enjoy the new web site, free of hijinx. But there will be many more high jinks to come.


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Needs moar hijinx!

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