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August 18, 2009, 5:49 pm
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Having acquired an iPhone not two days before I headed up north last week, I was able to catch the beautiful thunderstorm that passed over us on US23-I75 North near Flint with the phone’s video camera.

One of the things I always loved about taking film production classes as an undergrad was scoring the films. I felt like you could give me anything, and adding the music would allow the footage to zing off the screen. I never played the role of a DP, but I managed to win Best Soundtrack (or maybe it was Best Score– I don’t know; it was a few years back now) for a digital animation I made my senior year in our department’s student festival (I used the sounds of Mogwai). However, it bothered me at the time and still bothers me today that while using the music of known or semi-known bands for student projects is usually some degree of acceptable (one might plead “Fair Use”), using music from the CD you bought/ripped/acquired magically from the man in the moon isn’t fair play.

So almost as soon as the thunderstorm was over I decided to conduct an experiment. I would cut out the car chatter I recorded and replace it with Creative Commons-licensed music.

In case you want a little refresher on the Creative Commons, it’s “a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright (About – Creative Commons,, retrieved August 18, 2009).” You can use the Creative Commons website to define your own creative work, and the CC folks make it really easy to embed the license you choose in your own work.

I figured there must be a whole galaxy of musicians out there who publish using a Creative Commons license that allows me to understand exactly the kind of permission I have as a random creative type, wanting to rip, scratch and work other people’s work on a whim.

First I stumbled across Magnatune, a music distribution site with the tagline “we are not evil” that more or less allows users to set the price of the music. I came across the artist C. Layne, whose album Shark Week I liked a lot, possibly for my movie. According to Magnatune’s website, they have a liberal policy toward non-commercial uses of the music. However, my budget for this teeny-tiny project is a staggering $0, so I decided to keep looking.

Next, I found my way to Jamendo. Jamendo lets you download music for free and all music is available under a Creative Commons license of some kind. There was plenty of music to explore here, and finally I settled on a nice little folk harmonica tune by a Japanese band called Secret Ocean.

I learned that there are other similar services to Jamendo. I could have kept looking for days, but one of my goals was to keep it simple. There’s the Free Music Archive (which a really nice looking logo, design friends), ccMixter, BeatPick, and Sutros.

The license associated with the music I chose is Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. In other words, I have permission to share and remix the work as long as I attribute and share alike– in other words, as long as I let you share and remix too. So here you go, if you want to.


not quite audiophile, but budophile
November 11, 2007, 7:27 pm
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Yes, I’ve come up with a neologism. You will find it on the toolbar to your left under the heading “onward budophiles!”

“budophile” is meant to refer to a podcast lover. I thought a little bit about describing this person as a “podophile,” but 1) that could easily be misconstrued and 2) I often find that I am not listening to podcasts on my ipod, anyway. Earbuds are really the factor that ties most podcast listening experiences together for me.

I have added a few reputable podcasts/radio shows to the bar. Unfortunately, I can’t link Jonathan Goldstein’s “Wiretap,” because CBC Radio has yet to archive the show in podcast format.

Well, without further ado, I present this neologism. Love it or leave it.